Monday, 20 August 2012

Your Very Own Train and More Stuff To Do With Pebbles Bought Home From The Beach

Pebble Painting

You Will Need:
  • Some largish stones
  • Paint, on a tray or plate
  • Paintbrushes

How to do it:
  • Go for a walk in the woods or search your garden for some reasonably large pebbles, sit outside with some paints and some paintbrushes and start decorating. 
  • Try making different patterns on the pebbles, or paint each one different colours and moving them around to make pictures.


You Will Need:
  • Empty cardboard or plastic boxes, at least one big enough for your child to sit in.
  • Some toys
  • Pens or paints
  • Paper and glue or sticky tape
  • Smaller cardboard or plastic boxes from the recyling
  • String
  • Scissors

How to do it:
  • Line up the boxes in a line, make one the engine and the other the carriages, sit inside and go for a ride!
  • Plastic boxes are good for pushing around the floor, use toys for passengers and make them paper tickets.
  • You can use the pens, paper and glue to decorate your train, adding wheels, smoke stacks and windows, or string to attach the carriages to each other. 30g cereal boxes and great for making mini-trains.

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