Monday, 23 July 2012

Love Your Local Park and How To Make Your Own Really Truly Floating Boat

Since the weather is going to be beautiful for most of the UK this week, this week's ideas are all about the outdoors and water.

Local Park

Get reaquainted with your local park. Make the most of the early morning quiet if your children are small and pack up your usual lunch in a coolbag for a picnic.


You will need:
  • a small, light waterproof tub (wash out a margarine tub, yoghurt pot of fruit tray with the holes covered)
  • a small stick
  • blu tac
  • piece of paper of fabric
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
  • pens or pencils.
  • string
  • fine wire
  • an electric fan
  • toys
  • small pebbles
  • hosepipe
  • plastic sheet
  • stream with a bridge and ford

How to make it:
  • Make sure the tub is waterproof by covering any holes with sticky tape.
  • Cut a sail out of paper of fabric and stick it to the stick with sticky tape.
  • Decorate the tub and sail with the colouring pens.
  • Put a blob of blu tac in the centre of the tub and push the base of your stick-sail into it.

Make it more fun:
  • Can you make your sail adjustable and your boat really sail?
  • Are your boats strong enough to carry cargo? How much?
  • Make more boats and race them - either drop your boats into a stream from a bridge and race them downstream to a ford, you should be able to collect the boats at the ford without entering the water but be prepared for lost boats! (WARNING: Please be sensible playing near water, even small streams can be deceptively fast flowing and riverbanks banks steep and slippy - never allow children to play in or near streams unless you are sure that it is safe.)
    • Or make your own stream, put the plastic sheeting down in your garden, position your hose at the highest point and turn it on so that the water flows down the plastic sheet. You can use this top position to set the boats off from, and the end of the plastic as the finish line. (WARNING: the plastic will be very slippery!)

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