Tuesday, 24 July 2012

When It's Sunny All You Need Is The Beach And A Bucket (Spade Optional)


Even from Coton In The Elms in Derbyshire, the furthest point in the UK from the coast, sea water is only 70 miles away. Where there is sea there is beaches, sand, ice cream and kiddy heaven. There are several inland beaches in the UK too, so you might well be closer to a minimum effort day's entertainment than you think.

As it happened, I took the kids to Weston-Super-Mare and there was a beach-view airshow today. Just as the kids were starting to get a little restless a Spitfire and a Mustang shot across the sea in front of the beach! They were delighted.


You will need:
  • Sand!
  • Water
  • A tub of some kind
  • A scoop of some kind
  • Shells and pebbles
Make it last longer:
  • Add a moat, can you make it stay full of water?
  • Make sand sculptures of each other.
  • How much water makes perfect sand castle sand?

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