Friday, 3 August 2012

Free Museums: Way More Choice Than You'd Think And How To Really Watch Seeds Grow

Local Museum

Local museums are often free to enter and ask for only a donation, just pay as much as you feel able too. If there isn't one in your area you could try a trip to a larger town or city. Money Saving Expert has a great interactive list here of all the free museum’s and galleries in the UK (scroll down past the map of the UK for drop down area menus). There's a huge variety on offer from pumping stations and Victorian police cells, to modern art and dinosaurs.

Watch Seeds Grow

You will need:

  • A clear glass or plastic cup
  • A seed (sunflower or beans work really well)
  • Thick absorbent paper or blotting paper
  • Scissors
  • Cotton wool
  • Water

How to do it:

  • Roll a tube with your paper, cutting it to shape so that it will fit inside the cup from the base to the rim all the way around, put it in place.
  • Stuff the inside of the paper tube with loosely packed cotton wool.
  • Place your seed in between the paper and the inside of the cup about 2/3rds of the way up, so that you can see it from the outside.
  • Pour water into the cotton wool, so that the water level inside the cup is about 1/3rd of the cup (don’t cover the seed), and all the paper and cotton wool stays damp.
  • Put the cup somewhere dark and leave the seed to grow.
  • You can check on the seed every few days to see how well it is growing as well as topping up the water. As the buds at the top develop into a small plant with leaves the plant will start to need light and it’s time to move the plant into a flowerpot.

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